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Parenting Classes in Fernie

Toddler Parenting Classes

The Terrible Twos as they are often referred to can actually become Terrific with a little gentle guidance and more of an understanding about your child’s brain development.

Parenting Classes in Fernie

A four week program is offered that covers common topics such as:

  • Sleep
  • Eating
  • Tantrums
  • Learning through play
  • Preparing for a sibling

Classes are taught in a group setting and cost $100 per couple for 8 hours of education (minimum 4 couples).

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Parenting & Sleep Support

How to get a baby to sleep - sleep training in Fernie

With experience of not only their own children but with helping many others over the years to find sleep solutions that are personalized and tailored for each individual family situation we would love to help you and your child gain more restful hours per night, so you all feel in a good place when the sun comes up.

We have worked with ‘Gina Ford’ parents who use very ridged regimes all the way through to Dr Sears co-sleepingattachment parents, and there are always tips and rhythms that can help a family move into parenthood in a smoother fashion.

Contact us about a personalized session that will be the answer to your sleep.

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After completing the program with Rachel, I had a greater understanding of my toddler’s erratic behaviours and how they were linked to deep mental stages. I walked away with effective strategies to implement and a number of ideas on how to welcome our new baby without too much toddler upset. Thank you Rachel for your insights.

Amanda and Bill Jones



I highly recommend the Toddlercalm course with Rachel for all parents of young children! It helped ensure we had realistic expectations coming out of the baby zone. Most valuable to me was the fuller understanding of child development I gained through the course. Knowing what my child is actually developmentally capable of has saved a lot of frustration and reminded me in the difficult moments that she is not giving us a hard time, but having a hard time. Rachel also gave us the tools to then help her through these challenges. Toddlercalm and Rachel are an invaluable resources available to us locally and I’m so grateful!


Parenting Classes & Counselling in Fernie

Toddler Calm helped me to acknowledge and respect where my child was developmentally at during post partum struggles with patience and parenting in general. I feel like it calmed my rage during the grocery store meltdowns and it gave me fresh insight into their developing brain. I gained compassion, a new intuition for my child’s struggles and it felt SO good to be surrounded by mothers who had similar struggles.




Rachel’s toddler calm class helped me to have realistic expectations of my child during the challenging toddler years. Having realistic expectations helped me to respond to my toddler with more compassion and love, which has had such a positive effect on our relationship! My toddler has now grown into a sweet, loving and compassionate (albeit energetic) 5 year old, thanks to some of the wisdom I gained from toddler calm. Rachel was a great teacher, and has offered advise and support whenever I needed it, ever since I took her class 3 years ago.