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Water Birth Options in Fernie

We have a range of birth equipment and supplies that can enhance your overall birthing experience.

>> Birth Pool Rental

Cost: FREE for Doula clients

Cost: $200


  • Birth pool
  • Liner ($45 for all clients as single use)
  • Hose and Attachments
  • Inflatable Pump
  • Drainage Sump-pump
  • Instructions
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 >> TENS Machine

Cost: FREE for Doula clients

Cost: $65 for 5 weeks around your due date

TENS Childbirth Support in Fernie

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is very popular in the UK but is not widely known about in North America. It is a drug free pain relief method that has no side effects. Using electrical impulses you can ‘trick’ the brain to not really listen to the ‘pain messages’ from the body while you are in labour.  You get the machine (unit) and a set of single use pads to apply to your back when you are in labour, plus full guidelines on how to use it.

This is the secret drug free pain relief method you have been looking for!


  • TENS Machine
  • Set of single use pads
  • Full guidelines for use

It is one the most effective drug free option you can choose to use, and has no known side effects for mum or baby. It works via the Pain gate theory and also by increasing your bodies own pain killers (endorphins)

Pros for using a TENS Machine

  • A non-invasive method of pain relief
  • Is able to be used in your own home in early labour
  • No harmful effects on the mother or baby
  • Doesn’t restrict movement in labour
  • The woman is in control of the machine with a handheld device, so she can use it exactly when needed and at what strength she prefers
  • Could prevent medical pain relief
  • Many women swear by them

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The TENS Experience

The TENS helped manage my pain, and allow my labour able to progress naturally without the use of any epidural or other medications. I was able to manage contractions with just the TENS and hot water (baths/showers) for over 12 hours!

Rachael Fitzios

When we arrived at the home we were birthing in in Cranbrook, I was already fairly deep into labour. It was very very intense, and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Once the pool was filled and Rachel and my husband had helped me in, I just felt a complete sense of relief. It was so comforting to get into a pool of warm water. I was able to collect myself, calm down, and get through the rest of the labour in comparative peace. I can’t even imagine birthing without water in the future.


Non-medicated addictive pain relief! Rachel introduced me to her TENS machine during my labour and I really don’t know what I would have don’t without it. It gave me a sense of control during my contractions.

Lisa Holst