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Fernie Pregnancy Masseuse - 1600x500

Sparwood Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is shown to help with many conditions associated with the physical and emotional/hormonal changes that happen in pregnancy. There is much research into the safety of pregnancy massage and all massages are offered in home using a special maternity pillow that enables you to lie on your front, something that many women wish they were abel to do but can’t due to their bump.

Pregnancy massage helps to: Reduce back pain and general aches and pains, helps with swelling, reduces anxiety and stress, improves sleep, reduces nerve pain, and much more, read more here.

Pregnancy massage is only suggested after 14 weeks in British Columbia. Rachel is a trained physiotherapist who has worked within massage for many years. She holds personal liability insurance, but is not BCRMT registered.

(Currently not being offered) Costs

$70 per hour

  • Personalized pregnancy massage in the comfort of your own home

$420 6 Month Package only $350

  • Buy a package to treat yourself to a one hour massage a month each month (in months 4,5,6,7, 8 and 9) 6 x 60 min. Normally $420 but get one free with the package which is only $350 ($58.30 a massage!).

$840 2 x 6 Month Package only $630!

  • Treat yourself to two one hour massages per month (in months 4,5,6,7, 8 and 9), saving $210 for a cost of only $52.50 per massage.

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