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Fernie Home Birth Doula

Birth Doula Services

These are the services we provide as your doula:

>> A free consultation: 

A short meeting to go over what a doula offers and for you to get a feel whether we are the right doula for you and your family.

>> We’re on call from the moment you book!

“Officially” your doula goes on call at 38 weeks but the reality is we are on on call for whenever you need us throughout your pregnancy, whether it is to ask about some strange pain in your ribs, if you really need to buy a baby bath or if you want to know if you have had your bloody show! We will be there via email, phone or Facebook, if it is an answer you need or just a listening ear.

>> 2 private prenatal education sessions

In your home with your partner. These classes are structured to be specific to your personal and specific needs and prepare you fully for your birth. You don’t need any other prenatal education after completing these sessions.  Once completed you will have a birth plan (Rachel likes the term Birth Preferences) ready that truly reflects yours desires for your birth.

>> Check in meetings via email, phone and in person every time you see your health care provider

The more we meet the deeper our relationship is and the better we can support you. We encourage a phone catch up or quick coffee after each of your meetings with your healthcare provider.

>> A tripartite between the mother, doula and care provider

We have wonderful working relationships with all the GP’s in Fernie, the midwives and OBs in Cranbrook and have worked with a handful of Cranbrook based GPs.  We feel that it is very important to build great relationships with your midwife or doctor and if you wish we can have a joint meeting between all of us at about 35 weeks to ensure we are all on the same page.  This provides reassurance about any outstanding issues before you actually go into labour and really enhances the way the team works together for your best interests.

>> Continuous birth support at home and hospital

We are happy to come to your home to support you in early labour, this often gives great reassurance to the couple. We normalize the labor process and help keep things calm so you can feel safe and secure. When you are ready to ask the midwives to come to your home, or transfer into the hospital we make this move together. We continue to give emotional and practical support to you and your partner, allowing the birth partner breaks if needed and helping to support and advocate for your birth preferences. Once your baby is born we will stay for a couple of hours to help establish breastfeeding (if requested) and ensure mum and baby are comfortable and settled.

>> 1 month “on call” (2 weeks either side of your due date)

This means that we don’t go further than 1 hour’s driving distance without telling you, that if one of us is going to the movies you know our phone will be on silent, but on, and that we have our phones on 24 hours a day and want you to know you can call as soon as your labour starts.

>> 2 weeks “on call” in the postpartum period (this can be increased if needed)

We will see you at home the week following your baby’s arrival and run over any questions you have regarding the birth and ensure that things are going OK for you.  We are able to give breastfeeding support as required.  Of course everyone should have a postpartum doula for 6-8 weeks as well, as this can make a huge difference to becoming a confident mother and gives reassurance in the early days with your newborn.

>> Birth Debrief

We will of course go over your birth experience in the early weeks, however if there are any issues that are bothering you about choices you made, or the way the birth worked out, then it is very important to chat about these.  You may be too busy being parents to do this in the early weeks, however we think that having a thorough debrief is very very important and this is on offer whenever you are ready.  We really encourage it before you consider any future pregnancies. Rachel has done de-briefs nearly 3 years after attending a birth, the most important thing is that it all happens in your own time.

>> Access to birth literature, DVD’s and CD’s and equipment

Education is power. We have an extensive library and a wealth of great internet links to send you on pretty much any topic area you wish to find more out about. We also know about many local services to refer you to should you need (women’s health physio, chiropractor, birth photographers).
If you’re planning a home birth we have a pool that you can borrow (if available) saving you approx $200 (liner to be purchased separately.)

>> Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum doulas are often called the ‘fairy godmothers’ and for good reason. What does a postpartum doula do? What don’t they do would be a more appropriate question. They have all bases covered with emotional and practical support.

  • Helping you in the early weeks and months after your baby arrives
  • Smoothing the path to parenthood
  • Being a shoulder to cry on when the ‘baby blues’ are in full force
  • Holding baby while to sleep or shower
  • Showing you how to use slings
  • Showing you how to use cloth diapers
  • Cooking, grocery shopping, doing errands, cleaning your home, helping with older siblings, doing the school run – drop off or pick up so you and baby can stay in your jammies, dog walker or pet sitter
  • Breastfeeding support
  • the list goes on and on…. each doula will have her own boundaries about what she is willing to do, but chat to them, they really are a godsend.

>> Additional Services

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